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Aeropuerto de Nazca (Nazca Airport) was an airport in Nazca, Peru.


In 1957, after having discovered that the first clue in Oxley's second letter referred to the Nazca Lines, Indiana Jones and Mutt Williams travelled by airplane to Nazca. The last part of their flight, they went by an Antonov An-2 cargo biplane of the Pan American Airways, just large enough to carry the pair and Mutt's motorcycle. The airplane flew over the Nazca Lines and finally alighted at Nazca airport.

After disembarking, Jones and Williams (with his motorcycle) waved good-bye to the pilot then turned around and took in the quiet airfield.

Behind the scenesEdit

The scene at the Nazca Airport was the last scene at all filmed during the production of the movie. Only a reduced cast and crew was present for the shooting at an airport in Fresno, California. At the end, Steven Spielberg declared the wrap-up of the shooting. [1]


Notes and referencesEdit

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