A stolen air balloon under German fire during World War I.

An air balloon is a simple aircraft consisting of a large balloon filled with hot air and a basket attached to it for personnel and material.

During World War I, Indiana Jones found himself and Remy Baudouin piloting a balloon while escaping from a German military camp with their prisoner of war, Paul von Lettow-Vorbeck.

In 1939, Indiana Jones once again flew in an air balloon, this time looking for Atlantis.

Behind the scenesEdit

A balloon appears in the video game Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis but its exact role depends on which 'Path' the player is following. In the 'Team Path' Indy and Sophia Hapgood steal a balloon reserved for sightseeing over Algiers and use it to look for an Atlantean colony near the Atlas mountains. In the 'Wits Path' Indy assembles a makeshift balloon on Thera and flies after a Nazi submarine, and in the 'Fists Path' Indy steals a balloon from a Nazi camp in Africa and flies to Crete.


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