Aker's Revenge was a large, formidable red scorpion that resided at the ruins of the Royal Library of Alexandria.

In 1934, Indiana Jones and Sallah Mohammed Faisel el-Kahir uncovered what remained of the library and the protegé of the Adventure Society's John Allen investigated it in search of The Riddle of the Sphinx.

However, it wasn't until later in the year that Aker's Revenge made its appearance. At the time, the Adventure Society had begun using the library for storage, and Allen's protegé had returned to the site for equipment to assist the quest for the Genie's Lamp around Cairo. On the approach to the device, Aker's Revenge emerged from the ground and encroached on the visitor.

Behind the scenesEdit

The fate of Aker's Revenge is up to the player in Indiana Jones Adventure World. The scorpion has an energy sapping health level of 100 points but it can be defeated (unlike the player). However, if the player moves fast enough they can complete the mission objectives without combating the creature.

Aker was one of the many ancient Egyptian gods and one of the earliest. Aker was the deification of the horizon and welcomed the dead to the underworld while also annulling the cause of the death such as neutralizing the venom of a snake or scorpion.


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