Amos "Hungry" Hungerford was an American millionaire who led an expedition to India during December, 1914. Alongside him were a young Indiana Jones and his father Henry, as well as many crewmen. The reason behind the expedition was secretly that Hungerford could get his hands on the Ivory Iskander.


Prior to 1914, Amos Hungerford became a millionaire through the clandestine theft and selling of artifacts. In 1914, he set his sights on the Ivory Iskander and travelled to India with hopes of acquiring it. He invited Professor Henry Jones and his son Indiana to join him on the expedition. When they arrived at their destination, he intended to use recent tiger attacks in the area to his advantage by arranging for the animal to attack the Nawab of Killahabad's son Prince Kasim Khan then 'rescue' Khan so that the boy's father would consider giving him the Ivory Iskander in gratitude.

However, when the tiger made its move, Hungerford fainted from fear, leaving Indiana Jones and Khan to fend the creature off. Kasim ended up killing the tiger and then revealed Hungerford's scheme to the Nawab. Hungerford was pressured into paying for his survival but the Nawab gave him the Ivory Iskander anyway, believing that the artifact was too precious a prize to be kept in his small nation as it would attract thieves.


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