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"...this isle was called Mona and the druids of Erin would come to study with the great priests of the Cymry! Caesar sacked it in 60 A.D. ...murdered the priests and razed the sacred groves... killed a whole religion and broke the back of a culture, they did!"
Brendan O'Neal[src]

Anglesy was an island off the northwest coast of Wales, separated by a narrow strait. In ancient times, the island was called Mona. The neighboring smaller Holy Island has the ferry hub of Holyhead.

In March 1945, Indiana Jones and Brendan O'Neal crossed over the island to reach Holyhead, in an attempt to rescue Henry Jones, Sr. and Rebecca Stein from the Nazis led by Dieterhoffmann. On their final approach to the ferry, they hid on a small boat, where O'Neal recounted the history of the island and recognized that the destruction of the island's native culture by the Romans might soon by matched by Nazi aims.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Indiana Jones and the Spear of Destiny misspells the island's name as "Angelsy".


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