"I've never gone to that... that pandering circus! Not once!"
Indiana Jones[src]

The Annual Fall Faculty Fling was a party thrown at the beginning of the fall semester at Barnett College. A formal mixer, it was held a large venue, such as at the faculty club.

Indiana Jones routinely avoided the yearly event, but in 1937, went to attend in order to talk to Chairman Snedly about having his "Origins of the Incas 201" seminar given to a visiting professor. Feeling tortured by having to talk to dry academics, Jones found Marcus Brody, who pointed out the seminar thief as Snedly started to introduce her to the crowd: the beautiful guest lecturer, Francisca Uribe Del Arco. As Snedly tried to introduce Jones to the visiting professor, Jones grabbed Snedly and took him outside to complain about losing the seminar to the "Latin Lollipop". Uribe overheard and stated her academic qualifications: Harvard University, Yale University, and the Sorbonne. Snedly took the insulted professor back inside, leaving Jones to rethink on the porch.


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