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"Antoine lost his entire family in the Great War -- brothers, everyone. He feels he lives on... time that is on loan."
Francisca Uribe[src]

Antoine d'Espere was a pilot based in Buenos Aires, South America in the 1930's who delivered mail over the Andes mountains.


Prior to moving to South America, Antoine d'Espere had served in World War I in the French military, earning the Croix de Guerre medal, but lost his entire family during the war.

In 1936, he piloted Felipe Uribe for a week on the mail route across the Andes. A year later, Francisca Uribe (who had known him for many years) and Indiana Jones hired him to fly to Peru. D'Espere recognized Jones as a fellow veteran, and shared some his stories of Verdun on the flight. After a re-fueling and dinner stopover in the snow-covered mountains, he resumed the flight, ahead of a storm. Close to the border with Peru, the storm caught up to the plane, causing a nighttime wingtip collision with a mountain peak. D'Espere gained some elevation to allow his passengers to parachute to safety before the plane crashed into a mountainside, killing d'Espere.

Jones buried the pilot by his plane before seeking shelter with Uribe.

Personality and traitsEdit

Antoine spoke French, English, and Spanish - and recognized Jones as an American who spoke French with a Belgian accent.

Behind the scenesEdit

Antoine D'Espere's name is a pun on Antoine de Saint Exupéry, the French aviator and author who perished in the Mediterranean.



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