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The Awning Soldier was a Nazi soldier who in 1936, under the orders of Colonel Dietrich and the Tough Sergeant, he and his comrades got on a cargo truck which contained the Ark of the Covenant to defend it from American archaeologist Indiana Jones.

Biography Edit

In 1936, after the destruction of the Flying Wing, Colonel Herman Dietrich decided to transport the Ark of the Covenant from Egypt to Berlin via a cargo truck full of Nazi soldiers, including this soldier.

When archaeologist Indiana Jones took control of the truck and killed Major Gobler and his men, this soldier and and another began to follow two others grabbing the awning of the truck to get to Jones and finish him. Unfortunately for the soldier and his companions, Jones saw their leader comrades through the rearview mirrors, and in the blink of an eye, his other two companions were knocked off the truck and fell in the steep road.

Clinging tightly so as not to suffer the same fate of his companions, this soldier and his colleague clung tightly to the awning of the truck. After seeing this, Jones managed to stamp the soldier's comrade against a tree, getting his comrade to fell on to the steep road. The soldier did not fall through the tree, but the cape of the awning where he was holding did not resist his weight any longer and it ripped, causing the soldier to fell to the speed road rolling very comically, to the joy of Jones.

Behind the scenes Edit

The Awning Soldier was played uncredited by the legendary stuntman Vic Armstrong in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Appearances Edit

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