The Azores is an island group in the middle of North Atlantic Ocean, almost halfway between Portugal and North America. Culturally and politically part of Portugal, the island group served as a hub for transatlantic sea and air travel.

Adventures in the AzoresEdit

In 1938, Indiana Jones's air journey from New York City to Venice stopped in the Azores, at the island of São Miguel.

In 1939, Jones and Sophia Hapgood traveled to the Azores, while tracking down the trail of the Jastro expedition for Atlantis. Passing over the main urban hub of Horta, Jones and Hapgood landed their seaplane at a desolate island. They met Rodrigo, who guided them to a cave that Jastro had filled with Atlantean relics. After finding some artifacts, the pair flew back to Paris in order to go to the Yucatan. Felipe Costa believed Azores were the remnants of Atlantis.

In 1947, Jones was aboard the V. I. Pudovkin south of the Azores and northwest of the Canaries when he jumped ship, heading toward the African mainland on a motorboat.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Azores (specifically the Terceira Island) are visited in the Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis franchise. Although real-life theories directly connect Azores with the remnants of Atlantis, the story places Atlantis to be in the area of Greece. The game takes no consideration of any link between Atlantis and Azores, unlike other places (Crete, Thera, Tikal, Υucatan), which are mentioned as Atlantean colonies.

In the comic, the pair visit Azores since it was the last station of the Jastro Expedition, and encounter Rodrigo. In the video game, they visit Azores simply to seek information from Felipe Costa.

While the Azores are labeled on the map for Indiana Jones' Greatest Adventures, the name is misplaced and the islands identified as the Azores are, in actuality, the Canaries.

Appearances Edit

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