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Established in 1823,[1] Barnett College was a college in Fairfield, New York. It was considered an Ivy League college.[2] Indiana Jones was a professor of archaeology there for several years, starting in 1937.[3] Jones' office was located in Hamilton Hall. Marcus Brody also worked at the college, in conjunction with his duties at the National Museum.

Barnett College housed the Dunlop Collection, a set of important historical documents, including one of two known copies of Hermocrates.


Barnett College sponsored the 1929 Jastro expedition of which Indiana Jones and Sophia Hapgood were part.

In 1934, Barnett College sent Jones a job offer.[4] By 1935, Professor Jones was at least performing fieldwork on Barnett's behalf.[5] He was affiliated with Marshall College from 1935 to 1937.[6][7][8]

Teaching at Barnett in the fall of 1937, Professor Jones was assigned three freshman "Archaeology 101" sections by chairman Doctor Snedly, but transfered Jones's seminar "Origins of the Incas 201" to visiting professor Francisca Uribe Del Arco. Despite starting off on the wrong foot with Uribe, Jones and Uribe teamed up after attackers tried to steal a package from Uribe's brother. As the semester was starting, the pair were given a sabbatical to journey to South America to track down the Chimu Taya Arms.[9]

After successfully retrieving the Cross of Coronado off of the coast of Portugal in 1938, Jones met with Marcus Brody at the college to discuss the National Museum's acquisition of the artifact. Jones then met with his secretary Irene and pushed his way through a room of eager students to seek sanctuary in his office. Climbing out the window to avoid the students, he was found by men who took him to New York City to meet Walter Donovan.[10]


Upset Barnett College students.

In 1939, Jones was at the college when he was approached by a gentleman who needed help with a mysterious artifact. After Jones had realized that it was an Horned Statue from Atlantis and opened it to reveal a bead of orichalcum, the stranger robbed Jones of the statue and escaped. Jones found a clue leading to Sophia Hapgood, and headed off to New York City to find her before the Nazis could. Jones and Hapgood later returned to the college to view a copy of Hermocrates to help them find their way to Atlantis via Monte Carlo and Algeria. After the discovery and destruction of Atlantis, Jones and Hapgood returned to Barnett College and watched a football game, where the winning interception made by Jerry Travis, had been predicted by Hapgood.[11]

Jones was teaching at Barnett as late as 1947,[12] but had returned to Marshall College by 1957.[13]


Barnett location

The location of Barnett College, in relation to New York

When Henry Jones mailed the Grail diary to Indiana, he sent the package to the following address:

Prof. Indiana Jones
Barnett College
Hamilton Hall
Grove Avenue
Fairfield, New York

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Barnett College is introduced in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, and also appears in the video game Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis (the events of which take place in 1939, one year after Last Crusade). It is unclear why Dr. Jones began teaching at Barnett or why he moved back to Marshall, which he returns to sometime prior to the events of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

In LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures, Barnett College serves as a central hub.

While the College's location in Fairfield is first seen on the package containing the Grail diary, which is then shown to be in central New York on a map in Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, Indiana Jones: The Ultimate Guide places the college as much closer to New York City.



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