Batiste was an Efreye Village local hired by Marie Arnoux to guide herself and companion Indiana Jones and George McHale across Zile Muri-yo in 1943.

After the foreigners had found the Heart of Darkness, the expedition was attacked by a group of Boukman's zombis during a hurricane. During the attack, Batiste's rifle jammed, and he charged into battle with a machete. Batiste was accidentally shot and killed by one of the group's porters when a decapitated zombi fell on Batiste and his struggle to get out from under it prompted the panicking porter to fire on the corpse.

After the attack, Arnoux said a blessing over Batiste's body, before leaving the battlefield with Jones and McHale. An energized Boukman later came to the site of the attack, and turned several of the corpses into zombis under his control, but it was not known whether Batiste's body was one of the new zombis.


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