Bhakdi was a Thai child hired by Indiana Jones to assist him in his journey to a lost temple said to be full of treasures. The archaeologist revealed to Bhakdi that he was forced to move the trip forward a year due to his suspicions that a college intern named Clifford had been spying on his work.

When the pair arrived at the temple, Bhakdi and Jones were greeted by Clifford, who pointed a gun at them. As the two adults discussed the temple's dangers—and the secret combination required to get inside—Bhakdi created a distraction by snatching the copy of Clifford's notes, allowing Jones to disarm him.

Without his notes, which detailed the combination to the temple's entrance, Jones decided that Clifford could be left alone, and he and Bhakdi departed. Some distance away, Bhakdi wondered aloud if Jones could hear what sounded like yelling coming from behind them.


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