Dr Jones, what you look at
"Dr. Jones, what you look at?"
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When Indiana Jones was exploring the mysterious Temple of Kong Tien below the Black Dragon Fortress on Peng Lai Island, he came across a magical torch that produced searing blue flames. The torch was meant to be used as a weapon and as a guide to detecting hidden dangers within the temple, such as floor tiles that triggered bolts of electricity and bridge tiles that collapsed underneath weight. It was also used to illuminate unseen pathways and patterns on the floor. Dr. Jones ended up losing the torch when he fled the collapsing temple after he rescued Mei Ying from Kong Tien.

It also played an important part in retrieving the Pa Cheng. Indy used it to light eight magical braziers scattered throughout the temple. When all of the braziers had been lit, he was able to proceed solving the I Ching puzzle, which would grant him the Pa Cheng after it was successfully completed.



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