Bonga is a town in the southwest part of Ethiopia, in a region known for growing coffee.

In December 1916, a Belgian military expedition, led by Major Boucher and Captain Henri Defense (Indiana Jones) was sent from German East Africa to Cape Lopez, and their travel route included passing through Bonga, according to Colonel Mathieu's route planning session.

Behind the scenesEdit

While it may not seem obvious why the expedition had to travel north from German East Africa through British East Africa to Ethiopia before heading southwest to Gabon (French Equatorial Africa) (rather than simply cutting across the Belgian Congo), it may be that this way was faster (due to the presence of boat and rail networks leading through British East Africa and then traveling overland to the Congo basin where boats could be used again), or safer (out of the way of enemy troop movements and less days spent in the rain forests, rife with disease. It also makes more sense, given that the expedition passes through an Ubangi village and it is more likely to reach Ubangi-speaking lands (modern-day Central African Republic) when passing through the northern part of the Congo basin, and not the middle or southern parts of it (the direct route). The expedition is seen passing through a coffee plantation, which connects to Bonga's coffee industry.


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