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"The secret of the Grail has been safe for a thousand years. And for all that time the Brotherhood of the Cruciform Sword has been prepared to do anything to keep it safe."

The Brotherhood of the Cruciform Sword was a secret society sworn to keep the Holy Grail safe from discovery and misuse. Members of the organization wore a tattoo of the cruciform on their chests.


The Brotherhood of the Cruciform Sword was the successor of an Aramaic-speaking Semite secret society. To house the Holy Grail, in the year 1000 the society built the Temple of the Sun in the Canyon of the Crescent Moon using an existing Greco-Roman facade as the front.[1]

In the mid-twelfth century the Brotherhood adopted the symbol of a cross with three bars similar in design to the Eastern Cross but the upper and lower bars took the shape of the Holy Grail.[2]


Kazim reveals his tattoo.

In 1938, a team of Brotherhood members led by Kazim were in Venice to help protect the secret of the Grail from being found by Walter Donovan's expedition (Henry Jones, Elsa Schneider, and then later also Indiana Jones and Marcus Brody). The Brethren managed to knock out Marcus, but were unable to burn out Indy and Elsa to prevent them from discovering the Tomb of Sir Richard in the catacombs and gaining key information from the knight's shield.

When Indy and Elsa emerged on a piazza, the brothers gave chase by motorboat, losing several members in a boat wreck, and a few more to Indy's fists. Only Kazim survived and Indy let him go when they realized they were not at odds with each other.


A brotherhood member fighting the Germans in Hatay

When the Nazis mounted their expedition in Hatay to find the Grail, Kazim kept tabs of their progress, and the Brotherhood staged a rifle ambush in the desert near the Canyon of the Crescent Moon. During the initial assault, several Nazis and Hatay soldiers were killed, but the Nazis counter-attacked with machine guns and hand grenades, eventually defeating the Brotherhood's soldiers. It is not known whether any members of the Brotherhood survived the attack, however no other attempts to prevent the Nazis or the Americans from recovering the Grail were made.



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