Bungeishunjū Ltd. (株式会社文藝春秋) is a Japanese publishing company which released fourteen adaptations of episodes from The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles as part of their Bunshun Bunko paperback series, along with the Japanese edition of From Star Wars To Indiana Jones - The Best of the Lucasfilm Archives.

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Cover to マタハリの恋

  1. ジャッカルの呪い by 田口俊樹 (February 1993), adapting the "Egypt, May 1908" segment of Young Indiana Jones and the Curse of the Jackal.
  2. 国境の銃声 by 中井紀夫 (February 1993), adapting the "Mexico, March 1916" segment of Young Indiana Jones and the Curse of the Jackal.
  3. マタハリの恋 by 村松潔 (February 1993), adapting "Paris, October 1916."
  4. 戦下の別離 by 友成純一 (March 1993), adapting "London, May 1916."
  5. 最後の伝令 by 矢野浩三郎 (March 1993), adapting "Verdun, September 1916."
  6. 初恋のウィーン by 森下一仁 (April 1993), adapting "Vienna, November 1908."
  7. 密林の聖者 by 大森望 (May 1993), adapting both "German East Africa, December 1916" and "Congo, January 1917."
  8. 皇帝の密使 by 小尾芙佐 (June 1993), adapting "Austria, March 1917."
  9. 東洋の秘術 by 横田順彌 (July 1993), adapting "Peking, March 1910."
  10. 硝煙の詩 by 川又千秋 (August 1993), adapting "Somme, Early August 1916."
  11. 脱走大作戦 by 岡崎弘明 (August 1993), adapting "Germany, Mid-August 1916."
  12. 笑うバルセロナ by 梶尾真治 (September 1993), adapting "Barcelona, May 1917."
  13. サバンナの探偵 by 村上博基 (October 1993), adapting "British East Africa, September 1909."
  14. 赤い情熱 by 槐多康彦 (November 1993), adapting "Petrograd, July 1917."

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