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The Cairo Henchman was a local thug working for Nazi agents operating in Cairo during 1936.


A local thug was hired by Nazi Gestapo agents operating in Cairo, Egypt in 1936. He was tasked with capturing Marion Ravenwood

When the thug noticed her, Marion quickly armed herself frying pan from a stall. As the attacker charged toward Ravenwood, he drew a knife and laughed. Ravenwood reassessed her situation and fled while the thug gave pursuit. She ran into a building to escape from him, though when he followed her inside, she clobbered him with her frying pan, knocking him unconscious. He fell backwards out of the doorway and took a second hit when his head collided with the cobblestone ground. Ravenwood dragged his body inside to avoid attracting any of his friends.

Behind the scenesEdit


The Cairo Henchman (bottom left) as depicted in Hasbro's action figure toyline.

The Cairo Henchman was played uncredited in Raiders of the Lost Ark. The character was named as such in Hasbro's Indiana Jones toy line which bundles him in a set alongside a Marion Ravenwood figure.

His figure is actually just a repaint of the toy line's Arab Swordsman with a different head, in colors based on the group of men with their faces hidden, such as the unfortunate Cairo thug stabbed by his comrade, rather than uncredited actor who played the specific character that gets knocked out by Ravenwood's frying pan. However, the description on the toy's box clearly indicates that the figure is intended to be that man.



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