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A German co-pilot served under the command of Colonel Herman Dietrich and was the co-pilot of the cargo truck which was assigned to transport the Ark of the Covenant from Tanis to Berlin in 1936.

History Edit

In 1936, after the destruction of the Flying Wing due the intervention of Indiana Jones and Marion Ravenwood, Colonel Herman Dietrich decided to transport the Ark of the Covenant with a cargo truck, so he assigned this co-pilot and his companion to drive the truck from Tanis to Berlin.

However, Jones followed them and started his attempt to take the control of the truck. During the chase, after Major Gobler's gunner failed to shoot Jones, the archaeologist managed to board the truck, and the first thing he did was throw the co-pilot onto the sandy road. After the safe fall of the co-pilot, the persecution continued until Jones recovered the Ark of the Covenant.

Behind the scenes Edit

The German-Co-Pilot was played by an uncredited stuntman in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

In the LEGO adaptations of Raiders of the Lost Ark, this character, like the Tough Sergeant, is omitted from The Desert Chase. In the TV short film LEGO Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Brick, only the German Driver is depicted as the only occupant of the truck's cab. The LEGO set Race for the Stolen Treasure includes the cargo truck and the German Driver, but oddly, not German Co-Pilot. The same happens in LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures. In the sequel, however, although the German Co-Pilot is also absent, at one point Arnold Ernst Toht takes his place as the co-pilot of the cargo truck during the cutscenes.

Appearances Edit

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