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The Cemetery Warrior King was a monarch of the tribe of warriors that guarded Chauchilla Cemetery.


In 1957, the Cemetery Warrior King was witness of how the American achaeologist Indiana Jones and his Greaser son Mutt Williams infiltrated into the Chauchilla Cemetery to retrieve the Crystal Skull of Akator during the search for Akator. Upon finding Jones and Williams following the defeat of all his Cemetery Warriors, the King distracted them and caught them off guard, stealing the crystal skull and running away in the process.[1]

Upon discovering that the crystal skull was no longer with them, Jones and Williams started to chase the Cemetery Warrior King through the cemetery's structures, avoiding several traps until facing the King at the cemetery's entrance, where the crystal skull repelled various scorpions to create an arena to fight. Ultimately, the Cemeteyr Warrior King was bested by the Americans and lost the fight, dropping the skull and jumping out of Chauchilla to escape.[1]

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As with the Ugha King and the Janitor, the Cemetery Warrior King doesn't appear in the Indiana Jones movies. He was used to expand the story of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull as adapted for LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues, while in the film, Indiana Jones and Mutt Williams just face two Cemetery Warriors, who doesn't have a King.

It should be noted that following his escape from the Chauchilla Cemetery after being bested by Jones and Williams, the Cemetery Warrior King makes no further appearances in the game, thus leaving his fate unclear. However, there is a bonus level in which he along two of his Warriors attack Jones again, only to be killed by the archaeologist, though it's ambiguous wheter the bonus levels are canonical within the game's plot or not.


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