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"I suddenly remembered my Charlemagne. 'Let my armies be the rocks and the trees and the birds in the sky'."
Henry Jones, Sr.[src]

Charlemagne (meaning Charles the Great) was an eighth-century king of the Franks, who unified much of western and central Europe, and forced its conversion to Christianity. He also was known for a revival of art and culture through the Church.


It was said that Charlemagne possessed a scepter with the power to control the minds of men that he used to forge his empire which ended up in the family heirlooms of a band of gypsies staying in a clearing near Budapest.[1]

According to a group of French scholars looking for their own national version of Excalibur, Charlemagne inherited a magical, shape-shifting blade used by Julius Caesar during his Gaulish campaigns. After Charlemagne's usage, it was said, Joan of Arc wielded the sword.[2]


For the 193637 academic year, Marshall College included the reign of Charlemagne as part of assistant professor McFynn's History 101 class.[3]

In 1938, while being pursued by Nazi fighter planes, Henry Jones, Sr. remembered a quote by Charlemagne, and applied it literally, using his umbrella to drive the seabirds into the air, damaging the plane and causing it to crash.[4]

Later in his journal, Indiana Jones commented that after this incident, he should probably read more Charlemagne.[5]

Behind the scenesEdit

The quote that Henry Jones, Sr. attributes to Charlemagne is likely fictional.[6]



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