Professor Charles B. Hawken was a scholar at Oxford. On a research trip to Abergavenney, Wales, he discovered fragments of a diary of an eighth-century Christian hermit. One entry in the journal made references to a vision of the Holy Grail in the year 717 or 719. Hawken reported on the discovery of this journal at a conference on British-Celtic literature, proceedings of which were published in the spring 1915 issue of The Celtic Scholar.

Professor Henry Jones, Sr. kept a clipping of the report of Hawken's discovery in his Grail Diary, and hoped to meet Hawken once the Great War ended.

Hawken died in the influenza epidemic of the winter of 1919-1920, before Jones was able to make it to England in 1920. Since Hawken was not interested in the Grail, his loss to Jones was not an obstacle, as Jones was able to view the Abergavenney manuscript on his own.


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