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Charles Stanforth was the dean of students of Marshall College after Marcus Brody. He was married to Deirdre.


In 1957, the FBI ransacked Indiana Jones' office, which scared the administration at Marshall College into pushing for him to be fired. Charles Stanforth, succeeded in getting the concession that he be placed on indefinite leave with pay, but to do this, Stanforth had to tender his own resignation.

After the affair of the Crystal Skull of Akator, and the clearing of Jones' reputation, Stanforth was presumably reinstated as Dean, and Indiana Jones became Associate Dean. Stanforth, his wife, and their two children, Don and Maggie attended Jones and Ravenwood's wedding, using Stanforth's Book of Common Prayer in the ceremony, which had to be rushed from its place in Stanforth's office desk.

Behind the scenesEdit

Charles Stanforth was portrayed by British actor Jim Broadbent in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. The character takes the role that would have been filled by Henry Jones Sr., if actor Sean Connery had not opted out of the fourth film.[1]



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