This article is about a Chinese boy in 1910. You may be looking for Cheng, a spy in World War I.

Cheng was the son of Huang Feng and younger brother of Mai-Ling.

In 1910, their farming household took in a sick American boy, Indiana Jones, and his mother, Anna Jones, along with their tutor, Miss Seymour, guide Li Shung Sui, and driver Ah Pin. The morning after they arrived, Cheng and his older sister met the sick boy, who tried to compliment his sister in Chinese.

After Jones recovered from the fever through the medical skill of Dr. Wen Ch-Iu, Cheng watched the American lad and his sister play Chinese checkers. After the American doctor gave Jones a clean bill of health, the family had a feast, paid for by Anna Jones, and Cheng enjoyed the fine meal.

Behind the scenesEdit

Jonathon Yong played the role of Cheng in the episode "Peking, March 1910" of The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles.


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