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"...don't call me Junior!"
The title of this article is a nickname. This article is about a canonical subject that lacks a proper name, and is known only by its nickname or callsign. Please see the relevant discussion on the talk page or explanation in the article itself.

The Chief Guard was the commander of Mola Ram's Thuggee guards and also helped oversee the enslaved children in the mines that were under Pankot Palace in 1935. He was a very ruthless, coldhearted man.


The huge, powerfully built Thuggee Chief Guard was first seen by Indiana Jones, when he saw the guard whipping and yelling at one of the enslaved children in the diamond mine beneath Pankot Palace, India. Jones threw a rock at the guard, which allowed the child to get away. The guard, furious at Indy's intrusion and nerve, alerted a few underlings and ordered the archaeologist's capture.

Later, he restrained Jones while the archaeologist was forcibly put under the Black Sleep of the Kali Ma, and much later, he fought with Indy in the mines. The large Thuggee attacked Jones after Jones freed the children. Jones landed several good punches on him but the guard brushed them off and punched Jones then threw him in a mine cart. Short Round tried to help Indy by flogging the guard with his whip, but was hurled aside by the man. The guard then pushed the cart until it gained momentum to move itself. Jones and the guard fought in the cart, with the guard winning.

Rock crusher

The Thuggee and Indiana Jones exchange blows.

The cart stopped at the top of the ramp and flipped both men onto a conveyor belt which led to a rock crusher. On the conveyor belt, Jones and the guard fought each other, with both men landing heavy blows. But whenever Indy gained the upper hand, he was paralyzed via a voodoo doll at the hands of Zalim Singh until Short Round disabled the Maharajah and then freed him from the Black Sleep using a torch.

Willie Scott assisted Jones by throwing rocks at the guard and giving Jones things to hit him with. The guard was finally defeated when his red sash was caught in the rock crusher. Despite Jones's merciful attempts to rescue him, the thug was pulled into the machine and crushed to death.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Chief Guard was portrayed by the late professional wrestler and stuntman Pat Roach in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Roach had previously played the Giant Sherpa and the German Mechanic in Raiders of the Lost Ark and later went on to portray the Gestapo in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. The film's original script referred the character as the "Thuggee Giant"

In an earlier script, written by Willard Huyck and Gloria Katz, the Chief Guard was originally going to appear only when he fights Indy in the mines. Also, his death scene was the similar to the finished film, but the main differencte is that Jones does not try to rescue him.[1]

One of the Chief Guard's few lines in the film is "Jaldi Karo!" which is Hindi for "hurry up", and is repeated by the character as he whips the enslaved children in the mine.

In the Temple of Doom novelization, the Chief Guard's sash is caught in the rock crusher when he tries to grab Indy but loses his balance.[2]

In LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures, the character appears as a final boss. Unlike the film, he has a shaved beard and Zalim Singh replenishes the Chief Guard's health after the first two fisticuffs. The player is only able to deal lasting damage to the guard once they free Short Round and use him to rout the maharajah. Also, he never fights with Indy at the conveyor belt. He jumps independently to the conveyor belt and begins throwing giant mine stones at Jones, who throw dynamite at him in retaliation. Finally, the Chief Guard falls defeated to the belt and is subsequently pulled along some rocks by the rock crusher, dying without Jones trying to save him.



Notes and references Edit

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