China is a country in Asia, stretching from the central Asian steppes and Himalayas to the Pacific Ocean.

In 1949, the nation fell under control of Mao Zedong and his Communist party, following years of revolution, fighting against Nationalist forces. This series of events transformed China into a Communist state, that would rise to become a prominent industrial and commercial power.

Adventures in ChinaEdit

Indiana Jones first visited China in 1910 as part of his father's world lecture tour. During that time he contracted typhoid fever but his life was saved by Doctor Wen Ch-Iu's acupuncture.

In 1935, Indy traveled to China once again in search of the Peacock's Eye. He arrived at Club Obi Wan in Shanghai to meet mob boss Lao Che, who was in possession of the diamond. The archaeologist planned to trade in the ashes of Nurhachi in exchange for the diamond. However, the deal went awry when Lao's son Kao Kan poisoned Indiana's drink. He vainly attempted to threaten Lao into giving him the antidote by holding a knife to club singer Willie Scott, however this bid failed because the gangster had no regard for his lover's life. Indy's friend Wu Han was subsequently shot by Chen. Jones and Willie were forced to escape the nightclub when Lao Che's men opened fire on them. Although the Peacock's Eye was lost, Indy managed to secure the antidote, saving him from an untimely death.

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The flag of China, as of 1957.



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