Chinde is a seaport town in Mozambique, on the Chinde River in the Zambezi River delta on the Indian Ocean.

In the early 20th century, Chinde and all of Mozambique were officially a Portuguese colony, though most of the actual administration came from private companies, often controlled by British interests.

In 1916, a Belgian shipment of machine guns, mortars and howitzers was scheduled to arrive in Chinde, to be brought north and used in the taking of Tabora. However the shipment never arrived, and it was later discovered that the ship had run aground at Cape Lopez, on the west coast of Africa.

Because the shipment was still needed, in December, Colonel Mathieu sent Major Boucher and Captain Henri Defense (Indiana Jones) to lead an expedition from German East Africa across the Congo to Port-Gentil to pick up and return with the arms.


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