A Cipher of Meribah


The cipher hourglass.


A destroyed cipher.

A Cipher of Meribah was a type of puzzle box designed to hold hidden objects or switches. Many of the Ciphers contained information leading to the Staff of Kings. A cipher was solved by moving a bead of water around a maze on the top of the box. The box was unlocked by disabling or removing obstacles, and moving the bead over a purple switch before the hourglass ran out.

Moving walls had to be avoided. However, some walls could be broken. Sand traps could be blown away, and fire could be blown out for a short time. Blocks could be moved to open passages or block spike pits. Blades could be used to split the bead into two, allowing the water to enter narrow passages. Green switches opened up passages which came in two types: large and small. The larger switch was activated by the bead, while the smaller switches could only be activated by the smaller split beads. Often two small switches had to be activated at the same time by both small beads. Another type of switch linked two ciphers and would activate traps on another cipher.

If a person failed to solve the cipher either by destroying the bead or running out of time, the cipher box would explode.

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Ciphers of MeribahEdit

  • The Basement cipher (aka Tutorial cipher)

A cipher discovered in the Secret Basement of Tan's Exotic Imports

  • Kingston's Chest (aka as The Jade Treasure cipher)

A cipher found in the hold of the Star of the Orient.

  • The Mayan Temple cipher(aka The Mayan's Gift)
  • Shepherd Cipher (aka The Templar's Demise)

A cipher located in a Roman Maze in Paris, France. It was one of the Shepherds leading to location of the Staff of Kings.

  • Moses' Chamber cipher (aka The Secret Waterfall cipher)

The cipher in Moses's Chamber in the Temple of the Staff. It gave access to the Staff.

  • The Page's Cipher
  • The Esquire's Cipher
  • The Knight's Cipher
  • The Grand Master's Cipher

A cipher discovered in a store room on board the Odin.


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