The Clavicula Solomonis, also known as the Key of Solomon the King, was a manuscript that told of the power and design of the Philosopher's Stone.


The manuscript was found in the 13th century by the German Dominican priest known as Albertus Magnus. Magnus mirror-wrote a message on it which read:

"This day from my longest journey have I returned.
That my actions meet with Heaven's plan, I can only pray. The course of the stone's fate I do inscribe here for safety's sake.
The heartfelt declarations of my disciple
Thomas having persuaded me of my grievous errors. His destruction of the homunculus I welcomed.
However, having considered his well-founded fears, I could not
countenance the destruction of the mighty stone entire.
I set my penance to
guarantee the prevention of the stone's misuse.
The ecclesiastical sites having been chosen with great care, I set forth to plant
the three parts of the mighty stone to the farthest gardens of Christendom -- and beyond."
Translation of Albertus Magnus's message on Clavicula Solomonis.[src]

At the behest of his devoted disciple, Thomas Aquinas, Magnus hid the scroll in Berlin where it was found hundreds of years later, in 1947, by Indiana Jones.



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