This article is about the intern. You may be looking for Indiana Jones' schoolmate.
"Sorry, Dr. Jones. I couldn't resist. Not after reading the descriptions you translated... I became obsessed!"

Clifford was an intern at a college where Indiana Jones was professor. He spied on Jones' notes about a temple full of riches built by the King of Chiang Mai, and was lured to Thailand in search of its wealth. Realizing that Clifford had set off in search of the temple, Jones followed him to Thailand.

Learning of the temple from the notes of archaeologist Indiana Jones, Clifford made copies of the secret combination that would allow him to enter. When Jones and his guide Bhakdi arrived at the temple, Clifford pulled a gun on them and revealed that he had copied the combination that would open the entrance to the treasure trove. When Bhakdi grabbed the paper with the combination from his hand, Clifford opened fire on the fleeing boy. Jones stepped in and punched Clifford down, disarming him. Taking his pistol, Jones and Bhakdi left, with Jones commenting that without the combination, Clifford could do nothing.

Picking himself up and replacing his glasses, Clifford pulled out a second copy of the combination and began moving the levers into their proper sequence. Unfortunately, Clifford hadn't heeded Jones' warning that opening the treasure vault would also bring "certain doom". After entering the combination, Clifford turned in horror as the guardian statue at the temple became animated and seized him. The intern's yells were barely audible to the departing Bhakdi and Jones.


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