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Club Obi Wan
Located Honan Road, Shanghai, China
Artifacts Peacock's Eye
Nurhachi's ashes

Club Obi Wan was a restaurant and nightclub in Shanghai, China in the 1930s. Housed in a multi-story building, the club featured fine dining and lavish entertainment productions for both Chinese and foreign patrons. The business was controlled by Lao Che.[1]


In 1935, Willie Scott was a lead singer at the club, performing in a large cast of singers, showgirls, and dancers. The club was also a hangout for its owner, the crime lord, Lao Che, and his men. One evening at the club, Lao Che met with Indiana Jones to trade Nurhachi's ashes for a large diamond. Lao attempted to double cross Jones with poison, but Jones escaped, taking Scott with him. During the violent confrontation, Jones' friend Wu Han and Lao Che's son Chen were both killed.

Behind the scenesEdit

The club's name is a reference to "Obi-Wan Kenobi", a character from George Lucas' film Star Wars. The Chinese characters used in its name, which can be seen on its marquee, phonetically spells out "Obi Wan" with the addition of the word "Nightclub".

A 2006 episode of MythBusters attempted to show the plausibility of surviving a multi-story fall by breaking through a series of awnings, similar to Indiana Jones' and Willie Scott's escape from Club Obi Wan. Ultimately, it was determined to be plausible to survive, but with a high likelihood of serious injury.



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