Costa Rica is a country in Central America, bordering both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, and the countries of Nicaragua and Panama. Colonized by Spain in the sixteenth century, it became its own sovereign country in 1838. In the late 1800s and early 1900s, Costa Rica was developed by American fruit companies, which built railroads and fruit plantations for export.

Adventures in Costa RicaEdit

By 1933, the American Museum of Natural History owned several ornaments recovered by Indiana Jones from a complex of ancient graves in Costa Rica.

Some time prior to early Winter 1934, Jones was arrested in Costa Rica, an event that the archaeologist claimed was a "misunderstanding".

In 1941, Jones and his hired pilot, Bert Brodowski, flew from Panama to Palmar Sur, so Jones could investigate the connection between a local stone formation, The Three Sisters and a stone sphere from the Akashic Hall of Records. A day later, Jones' pursuer, Nichols, arrived with US Army soldiers and tried to capture Jones. Jones and Brodowski escaped, and headed toward Uxmal, but Nichols retrieved the stone sphere and used it to learn the location of the Hall of Records.

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