Creole is a language spoken in Haiti. It is a creole language based primarily on 18th century French, as well as Arabic, Spanish, and some African and Native American languages.

Prior to 1943, Indiana Jones could only speak a few basic phrases in Creole. When he visited Haiti with George McHale in that year, he overheard Creole spoken between his guide, Marie Arnoux and many of the other locals, including André. One of Jones' rivals, Yamada Hajime had learned a few phrases in the language while gathering information in Port-au-Prince.

Behind the scenesEdit

A creole language is a stable language that is based off of a mixture of other languages, often incorporating their words, but developing its own grammar and pronunciation. Haitian Creole (commonly called Creole) is one of the most spoken creole languages, and was the basis for Louisiana Creole.



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