Standartenführer Curt Johan Vogel was a high-ranking Nazi official serving in the SS. Operating under the cover of a fake identity as a selfless doctor, Vogel met his end during an attempted theft of the crystals of Shintay in 1936.


Colonel Vogel was in charge of an expedition to find the crystals of the Shintay. In the guise of Doctor Vogel, head of the Dutch Pharmaceutical Expedition (ostensibly searching for rare orchids) he rescued Indiana Jones and Marion Ravenwood from quicksand in 1936 and lavishly entertained them in his camp. Indy was suspicious about the quantity of munitions in the camp and while snooping about was caught by Vogel who revealed his Nazi affiliation. Indy and Marion managed to escape but Vogel recaptured them and together they were in turn all captured by the Shintay. Vogel and all of his people were killed as the Nazis attempted to steal the crystal shards.

Behind the scenesEdit

It is unknown if the character of Curt Johan Vogel is related to fellow SS Colonel Ernst Vogel, one of the antagonists later developed for Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.