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Daredevils of the Desert
Daredevils Of The Desert





Released November 21, 1999
Runtime 82 min
Canon Television
Timeline 1917
Preceded by Espionage Escapades
Followed by Tales of Innocence

Daredevils of the Desert is the fifteenth film in The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones. It is an extended version of the originally un-aired episode "Palestine, October 1917."

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In Chapter 15 from the complete adventures of Indiana Jones, the lives of a regiment and the success of the desert war rest on the shoulders of Indiana Jones.

Receiving orders to assist the British in an attack on the ancient Middle Eastern desert town of Beersheba, Indy goes undercover with a beautiful lady spy. Relying on his wits and her tantalizing skill at belly dancing, the daring duo works desperately to defuse the explosives placed in the city's vital water wells by the occupying Turks. The story culminates in a spectacular calvary charge by the gallant soldiers of the Australian Lighthorsemen Regiment, whose very survival hinges on the success of Indy's mission.

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Set in Gaza 1917, Indiana Jones is operating undercover for French Intelligence in the Middle East. The British have a plan to take Jerusalem by Christmas, and to do so they need to attack the ancient desert town of Beersheba, a fortification protected by the arduous stretches of desert that surround it. Colonel Meinertzhagen and Major T.E. Lawrence brief and equip Jones on his assignment. He must do all he can to protect the wells in Beersheba, or else the British and Australian forces tasked to attack will surely die of thirst.

Posing as a trader, Indy is teamed with a beautiful spy named Maya. They trek across the desert and infiltrate Beersheba. Intrigue and betrayal abound as Indy and his fellow intelligence agents come face-to-face with the Turkish commander Colonel Ismet Bey and his German attaché Schiller. The story culminates in a spectacular cavalry charge by the gallant soldiers of the Australian Lighthorseman Regiment whose very survival hinges on the success of Indy's mission.






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