Doom Raiders is a fan film by Backyard Productions based on the Indiana Jones movies, more notably Raiders of the Lost Ark and Temple of Doom and the Tomb Raider games.


Thousands of years ago, an Egyptian Pharaoh named "Seven Seas" was punished for his wicked deeds by having his body and soul seperated, he would only be able to return and reign forever if he is re-joined. 800 years ago... two Egyptians, a master and his slave, entered the pyramid where Seven Sea's soul was kept and accidentaly released it, Seven Sea's soul took the body of the slave and killed the master. Now, Dr. Bradley Stone (the Indy character) must find the body of Seven Seas before the Nazis and destroy it.

Likeness To Indiana JonesEdit

Dr. Bradley Stone is like unto Indiana Jones

Mustapha Clue = Sallah

Square Peg = Short Round

Miss Eve = Marion Ravenwood

Nazis = Nazis

The story also likens itself alot to the Indiana Jones films.



More can be learned about this movie at Backyard Productions. It is also available to watch at


The Film is now available on a 'Special Edition' DVD on, The DVD Format is PAL.

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