Dr Jones, what you look at
"Dr. Jones, what you look at?"
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This particular tank was used by Nazi Albrecht von Beck in 1935 as he navigated through the Emperor's Tomb. While at first appearing to be an ordinary tank, it possessed a large drill bit in the front used to smash through the walls of the tomb as well as a claw situated on top to clear out any debris. The tank was also large enough to fit only one man, von Beck.

Hoping to head off Marshall Kai Ti Chan and the Black Dragon Triad, von Beck drove the tank towards the Terra-Cotta maze and encountered Indiana Jones. Eager to finish off the American, von Beck pursued Indy in the hopes of running him over with the tank. Unfortunately, the tank proved to be his undoing as von Beck's overzealousness cost him his life when he drove the tank off the edge of an incline and into a bottomless pit.


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