Colonel Dupuis was second-in-command of French intelligence in 1917.


Colonel Dupuis met with Belgian intelligence agents Indiana Jones (under his nom de guerre Henri Defense) and Remy Baudouin following their forged transfer request to switch to French intelligence.

While Dupuis recognized that the signature was fake, he welcomed the two regardless and gave them their individual assignments. Though Baudouin's would see him return to Brussels, French intelligence was initially unsure what to do with Jones and Dupuis sent him back to the Western Front for two weeks as a reconnaissance photographer for Lafayette Escadrille.

After Jones returned, Dupuis commended him on his work and assigned a mission within Germany to make contact with Dutch airplane designer Anthony Fokker and convince him to defect to the French. Jones's mission ended in failure and an unimpressed Dupuis begrudgingly put him forward for a role in what became known as the Sixtus Affair. Though Jones was successful on his part, the mission was again considered a failure.

Dupuis invited Jones to have a drink with him while he considered the spy's future. After they discussed the situation in Russia following the removal of the tsar, Dupuis learned that Jones could speak the language and sent him to the French embassy in Petrograd to work as a translator.


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