Efreye Village was the largest settlement on Zile Muri-yo. It has several dozen huts and a few larger communal buildings. While the huts tended to be constructed of bamboo with palm-thatched roofs, the larger buildings were made of sturdier wood. One of the communal buildings was the town's bathhouse. The villagers had designed their homes with sturdy bars to seal the doors from outside intruders, and frequently carried guns.

Adventures in Efreye VillageEdit

In 1943, Indiana Jones and George McHale, along with their guide Marie Arnoux arrived in Efreye Village, to meet their island guide Batiste, and spend the night. Jones and McHale had dinner with Batiste and some of the other villagers while Arnoux bathed. Later, after Jones had bathed, the team met at the campfire and discussed their expedition plans by the campfire.

In the middle of the night, a group of Boukman's zombis attacked the Jones' and McHale's hut, and Arnoux managed to temporarily drive them away with her vodoun but collapsed. Emerging from their hut, Jones and McHale shot at their attackers, and Batiste guided them and carried the fainted Arnoux to one the communal buildings where the villagers were taking shelter against the animated corpses. Inside, Jones and McHale revived Arnoux, who began her chant again, driving away their undead ambushers. Outside the village, the Japanese scout Ito, and the German scout Braun witnessed the encounter and ran back to their appropriate camps to report on the fantastic happenings. After the attack, Arnoux explained about Boukman and the different types of zombis, and how to kill them if she couldn't control them. By the next morning, the expedition set off, with Batiste and five porters accompanying Jones, McHale and Arnoux.


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