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"..a series of eight shedus, mysterious creatures who appear in the ruins of many religions of the Orient"
Docent at British Museum[src]

The Eight Shedus are a set of statues and relief carvings of Shedus (mythical creatures with male human heads and bodies of lions or bulls, sometimes with wings) from Mesopotamia. The British Museum kept them on display near the Bronze Gates of Imgur-Enlil.

In 1930, Indiana Jones used a visitor's tour of the British Museum to gain entrance into the Museum in order to reclaim Baldur's Ring from Dr. Theresa Lawrence. During the tour, the docent was describing the Shedus and the bronze gates when Jones slipped away and hid on top of one of the shedu statues. After the museum closed, he slipped off of the Shedu and snuck to a custodial closet to gain supplies to appear to be a janitor when he broke into Lawrence's office.


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