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Eric Davona was an American White House worker during the presidential term of Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1936.

Biography Edit

In 1936, Eric Davona, along Colonel Musgrove and Major Eaton, traveled to the National Museum in Washington DC to meet with famed archaeologist Indiana Jones, who had recently returned from an adventure in Peru. There, Davona and Jones spoke of Adolf Hitler's plan to acquire the Ark of the Covenant in order to attain global domination.

Danova later worked on the preparations for Jones' journey along with Eaton and Musgrove. Following Indy's success in recovering the Ark, Davona and his colleagues reunited with Jones, and met with Marion Ravenwood. at the Pentagon to give them their thanks under the careful observation of a bureaucrat.

Behind the scenes Edit

Eric Davona was originally part of the first draft of Lawrence Kasdan's script for Raiders of the Lost Ark. Although Kasdan retained many of his original ideas in the subsequent revisions, Davona didn't make it into the final shooting script. Much of his dialogue went instead to either Eaton or Musgrove.

Appearances Edit


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