Eva was a student at Marshall College. In 1936, she took Archaeology 223, under Professor Indiana Jones, and accompanied the class on a field trip to a Hopi cave in Arizona. Like other female students, she may have been romantically interested in the handsome professor.

One afternoon on the expedition, Eva correctly identified a pot shard as an example of early Hopi clay art. After Lucy Giles embraced the professor for saving her from a scorpion, Eva may have been one of the female students grumbling to her fellow classmates about Lucy's successful advances. After the rock slide that nearly killed Warren and Professor Jones, Eva was part of the group that was threatened by two armed men claiming to be from the Bureau of Indian Affairs, and was later forced to pack up and leave the dig site. As they departed for Tucson, Eva and Joel served as the expedition's drivers.

Later, when Jones was captured by Busby's men in the cave, Lucy Giles, pretending to also be a captive, claimed that she had followed Jones from his tent, thinking that he would be rendezvousing with Eva or Clair.

Behind the scenesEdit


Eva is likely one of the two prominent females.

Because Eva appears only in group scenes when her name is used to address her, it is not entirely clear which female student is Eva. The most likely candidates would either be a brunette in a purple dress, or a red-haired student in a hat and green dress.


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