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Female Officer at Castle[src]

The Female Officer at Castle was apparently the ranking officer in Castle Brunwald's secret communications room in 1938.


While trying to escape from the fiery blaze in the dining room of Castle Brunwald in 1938, Indiana Jones and his father, Henry, triggered a secret passage through the fireplace and stumbled upon the communications room. The female officer noticed them and when they smiled nervously at her she returned it with a rather toothy grin of her own before alerting her men.


The officer and her men are confronted by the flames.

The Nazis pursued the Joneses back through the passageway, where Indiana used a bust of Adolf Hitler to jam the door, trapping the female officer and her men in the burning dining room..

Behind the scenesEdit

The Female Officer at Castle was portrayed by Nicola Scott in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. During the development of Jeffrey Boam's original script for the film, her role was fulfilled by a Radioman.

The character's epaulettes in the film indicate that she is a lieutenant, although it is unclear what grade.

She doesn't appear in Rob MacGregor's novelization. There, all of the Nazi communications officers are males. She is also absent from LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures, in which she is replaced with various male Nazi officers and an Enemy Radio Operator.


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