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Florence, May 1908

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The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles episode
"Florence, May 1908"
Season 2
Episode # 20
Guest stars George Corraface
Writer(s) Jule Selbo
George Lucas (story)
Director(s) Mike Newell
Airdate Unaired (USA)
Preceded by "Prague, August 1917"
Followed by "Palestine, October 1917"

"Florence, May 1908 " is the twenty-sixth episode of The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, and the twentieth episode in season two. Although it was released in other territories, the episode went unaired in the USA. For home video, it was paired up with "Vienna, November 1908" to become The Perils of Cupid.

Plot summaryEdit

After he impresses a bar's patrons with his abilities with a pool cue, Indiana Jones recounts his experiences in Florence in 1908.

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