Soldiers of the Force Publique

"Belgian white man came and took me from my village and made of me a white man's soldier. Took all young men to be white man's soldier. My family's hungry. I'm not there to feed them. I'm here! Fighting your war. Maybe going to die."
Sergeant Barthelemy[src]

The Force Publique (Public Force) was the official armed force of the Belgian Congo. Organized in 1885 under the Congo Free State, and re-organized by the Belgian government in 1908 as both police and military, it served as the colonial military during World War I, where it fought against German forces in East Africa. The Force Publique is an example of a military with Askari forces.

During Belgian government rule, Force Publique was organized with Belgian officers and NCOs leading African soldiers. During the war, many Congolese, including Sergeant Barthelemy were forcibly drafted to serve in the force.

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