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Disguised as American serviceman "Franklin", a Russian soldier helped his colonels, Antonin Dovchenko and Irina Spalko, infiltrate Hangar 51 in 1957.


Franklin was one of the soldiers who accompanied Irina Spalko and Dovchenko to Hangar 51 in Nevada, disguised as an American soldier named Franklin. On the way there, he was goaded into a race with teenager Jimmy Keegan despite "Roosevelt"'s objections. When Indiana Jones made his bid for freedom, it was Franklin's machine gun that he grabbed with his whip and threw to Mac.

Later, Franklin accompanied "Lincoln" and "Hoover" to Doom Town searching for Indy. They heard the air raid siren and Lincoln yelled for them to come on, but as they drove away the nuclear shockwave destroyed their car, killing all three.

Personality and traitsEdit

Like his companions, Franklin was a soldier determined to serve the Soviet Special Forces and his nation. However, he also displayed a playful side as he took on the racing challenge set by some American teenagers despite his passenger's disapproval.

Behind the scenesEdit

Franklin was played uncredited by stuntman Jon Braver in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Like many of the Soviet Special Forces who infiltrated Hangar 51, Franklin shares his name with a US president, in his case Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

According to his insignia, "Franklin" was pretending to be a corporal in the US Army.

The scene in Crystal Skull where Indiana Jones disarms Franklin originally included a gag in which Jones uses his whip to make Franklin shoot another soldier before taking his gun. While it was cut from the final edit of the film, this moment is retained in the film's novelization, comic book adaptation and junior novel.[1] Rehearsal footage for the scene was included in the featurette Production Diary: Making of "The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull".[2]


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