Fred was a doctor. He was married to a nurse, Edna, and the pair relocated to the United States of America sometime after their union. A painting of their wedding sat in the art collection of the Salzburg Brunwalds by 1938. Around that time, Dr. Fred kidnapped a woman in the US called Tami B. and a call for her rescue was posted on the noticeboard at Barnett College.

Behind the scenesEdit

Dr Fred and Nurse Edna on wedding day just before leaving for america

Painting of Fred and Edna's wedding day.

Dr. Fred is an nod to Dr. Fred Edison from Maniac Mansion. The mention of his kidnapping of Tami B. — a reference to Tami Borowick, one of four people who compiled the Lucasfilm Games Passport to Adventure — was not included in the full release of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: The Graphic Adventure. Instead, Fred and his wife later made an appearance in a painting depicting their marriage.


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