The French Corporal was a young French soldier stationed in Port-Gentil in French Equatorial Africa during World War I.

In January 1917, the Corporal was assigned to ensure that the German nationals, rounded up in French colonies, boarded a steamship taking them back to Europe. When two Germans, Dr. and Mrs. Schweitzer, stopped to talk to two Belgian officers, he tried to prod them along toward the sail tender. The larger Belgian officer bullied the corporal aside for the moment. After bidding farewell to Mrs. Schweitzer, Baudouin volunteered to help her with her luggage -- and promptly put the corporal to use carrying the bags and insulted him in French. The corporal obliged, though not pleased with the situation.

Behind the scenes Edit

Phillipe Bernard played the role of French Corporal in the episode "Congo, January 1917" of the The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles.


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