This article is about the French Sergeant from "Congo, January 1917". You may be looking for the French Sergeant from "Verdun, September 1916".
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The French Sergeant was a French soldier stationed in French Equatorial Africa during World War I.

In January 1917, the sergeant served under Captain Rostand. When Rostand was sent to take the German nationals, Albert and Helene Schweitzer into custody for deportation, the sergeant assisted by overseeing Mrs. Schweitzer packing their belongings. When the Belgian officers, Captain Defense and Lt. Baudouin tried to intervene on behalf of the Schweitzers, Captain Rostand ordered the sergeant to hold them and shoot them if they continued to hinder the French orders. Once the Schweitzers were taken aboard the French patrol boat, the sergeant also boarded the craft, bound for Port-Gentil.

Behind the scenes Edit

Antoine Valenti played the role of French Sergeant in the episode "Congo, January 1917" of the The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles.


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