"From the Catacombs to Sallah's Balcony" is a two-page article and photo spread in Issue #98 of the Star Wars Insider magazine. It was written by J. W. Rinzler as part six of his "Indy Vault" series and contains four production photos from the shooting of Raiders of the Lost Ark, including one photo which later appeared in The Complete Making of Indiana Jones and three that didn't make the cut.

Black and white images include:


  • Karen Allen filmed her catacomb scenes on July 25, 28, 29 of 1981 at Elstree's Stage 3 and found the claustrophobia more terrifying that the snakes in the Wells of the Souls shoot.
  • The shoot on Sallah's balcony took place on September 17, 1981 on location in Kairouan, Tunisia, after production had built a terrace and removed about 300 television antennas from the skyline.

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