Goring biplane

Biplane underside.

A biplane flown by Hermann Göring‎‎ served as a German air unit supporting in the Battle of Verdun. It was a single propeller biplane with two machine guns and several under-wing bombs.

In September 1916, it was flown by Hermann Göring on a mission to harass French communication lines by attacking couriers on the ground. Göring spotted a courier on a motorcycle and turned to attack it. The courier sped onward down the road, while Göring used the machine guns to strafe at the driver. When the driver turned through some farm buildings, Göring dropped two bombs, with the second one getting close enough to knock the courier off his motorbike and into a crater. With the courier not moving, the biplane flew on.

Goring biplane2

View from behind the pilot.


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